Revised Bylaws & Community Guidelines

PBNCA Revised By-laws  Jan 2018

Please adhere to the by-laws and community guidelines. In addition,  Palm Beach County has standards for property maintenance, motor vehicles, and boats. Click on this link->  Standards enforced by the Code Enforcement Division of Palm Beach County. 

Parking on Sidewalks is NOT allowed and violators may be fined. (County Code Ch. 19, Article II, Division 1, Section 19-21(c) AND Florida Statute 316.1945. )

The mission of the association is to promote and encourage community pride and spirit, good citizenship, and good government; bonding the members of the association in a common cause. The link below is an actual copy of the original articles of incorporation from when our civic association was founded in 1973.

 PBNCA Original Articles of Incorporation, 1973